Always check the news page before walking. For the traveller Nilsby may mainly be noticed for its beautiful bridge consisting of nice arcs of concrete. The bridge was built 1997 and got the "Vackra vägar" (beautiful roads) award.

Another thing that Nilsby is known about the famous inventor and electronic engineer Harry Nyquist (1889-1976) that was born in Nilsby, one of seven children. Harry emigrated to the U.S.A. and studied at university of North Dakota and later Yale. He made important discoveries related to communicaton theory, like the Nyquist-Shannons sampling theorem. At the parking place on the east side of the bridge there is a memorial stone over Harry.


The bus 216 from Kil to Sunne stops in Nilsby. From Kil and Sunne there are train connections. See Värmlandstrafik for more information.